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Hydraulic & Instrumentation tubing

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Some applications demand acute precision – others test the boundaries of strength and tolerance – and still others do both. At our Durant and Salem facilities, TUBACEX manufactures premium Hydraulic and Instrumentation (H&I) tubing capable of performing in the most demanding environments.




At TUBACEX, we have the capability to manufacture straight-length H&I tubing in accordance with all ASTM, MIL-T and AMS specifications in a wide range of alloys/grades – more than 25 different grades.

Going beyond the supply of tubing with “standard” internal roughness (typically 40 Ra or higher), TUBACEX can now also supply tubes in wall-thicknesses up to 0.049” with Ra values as low as 10 μ” – without electropolishing – making TUBACEX’s H&I tubes among the smoothest on the market.


On long tubing runs, coiled tubing can significantly reduce installation time and eliminate labor costs associated with welding. It is also ideal for underground applications where mechanical joints are not allowed or are highly restricted.

At our new Durant facility, TUBACEX will produce seamless coiled tubing in outside diameters (OD) from 1/4” to 1-1/4”, in lengths exceeding 2,260 ft (depending on OD and weight), all with the same tight tolerances offered on our straight-length H&I tubing.